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Strong Challenge #3

Every Zumba Strong Challenge we offer gets' better and better at helping you get stronger and stronger.  These workouts will last for 4 weeks and include the following

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Your 4 Week Workout Plan

Your 4 week schedule will include  a live cardio based zumba strong class w/ me and weight based training workouts.  Don't worry if you hate Zumba or can't dance, Zumba Strong is a HIIT workout to the beat.   

The week starts off on a Sunday w/ a live workout, if you miss it don't worry it will be recorded so you can do it at a later time. The next day will be a pre-planned Zumba Strong workout to complete on your own.  Tuesday can be a rest day or a chance for you to complete one of the pre-planned workouts; Wednesday we are live again @ 6am.  Thursday will repeat Mon and  Friday/Saturday are  your rest days or light cardio.

A large part of these challenges is working on help you becoming consistent and self disciplined.  The TBF team will always be here to help you but it all starts w/ you making a commitment to help yourself. 

4 Week Challenge  Includes

  • 30 days of unlimited access to all pro features in the Total Body Fitness app.  

  • Live workouts w/ Angela .  Don't worry if you miss the live workout it will be recorded for you to complete the workout later or if you're a "beast" do it again!!!

  • Full access to over 2,000 on demand workouts w/ a daily workout the day already planned for you

  • View instructional workout video's with animated GIFs

  • Sync data/activities to Apple Health and Google Fit

  • Record training progress automatically

  • Receive reminders to workout every day

  • Receive e-mail progress updates 

  • Access to our nutrition tracker to create meal plans, track macro's and more...

  • Share with your friends on social media

What Do I Need

All workouts will be performed LIVE via a Zoom Link 

  • You will need internet access.

  • You must download the Total Body Fitness app to access the Live Training (once you sign up a link will be sent to you prior to the workouts starting

  • A set of dumbbells , set of exercise bands and a fitness mat

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't do the live workout @ 6:00 am

  • No problem, that's why all workouts will be recorded and uploaded to the app for you do at a later time 

I have injuries can I still do the workouts?

  • During the live workouts I will always provide you w/ modifications.  Depending upon the severity of your injury you may want to consult your physician just to be sure.

What Is The Cost


YES!. What are you waiting for...

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