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Give your day a boost with this BLAST SHOT bundle. These 4 oz shots are packed with raw ingredients and essential nutrients to help you stay on track with your juice cleanse. This bundle includes the Beta Blast - full of berries and a great antioxidant snack; Lean Greens - collards are the start of this show and will provide you with a gentle gut cleanse.  The start of this bundle is the Ginger Shot- fresh ginger and lemons are perfect to start your day. Whether you're looking for a natural way to boost your immune system, detoxify your body, or simply want to enjoy the amazing flavors of these incredible shots, the Ginger Shot Bundle has it all.

  • What's In Your Bundle

    1- Ginger  - Ingredients-Ginger |  Lemon|  Turmeric ZeroWater | Black Seed Honey

    1- Lean Greens - Collard greens | Cucumber | White grape |Spinach | Kale | Lemongrass | Kiwi |Red Apple | Pear | Pineapple |ZeroWater

    1- Beta Blast - Ingredients - Carrot |Mango |Turmeric |Lemon | Butternut Squash |Apple |Banana |OrangeZeroWater


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