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New chef inspired meals created weekly; designed to be eaten immediately or frozen to consume later.

Meal Prep To Go

Take advantage of our grab n go meals.  Chef inspired meals prepared fresh every week   Check out our items below, place your order before the deadline and pick up on the scheduled date. 

Week #4 Meals

The deadline to order is Saturday 12pm and pick up is Tuesday 1/25/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the meals prepared fresh?

YES!.  Every week or each new menu is created based upon our current food inventory as well as current health trends.  The food is not prepared until after the deadline to order has past.  We adhere to DHEC guidelines and provide an eat/freeze date on all of our meals to ensure their freshness.

What is the quantity/portion

We focus on designing all meals to range between 350-450 calories.  Each meal will include 4-5oz of lean protein, 2-4 ounces of healthy carbs  and low and/or healthy fats.  We focus on making sure our meals can help you reach your goals if you are diabetic or looking for meals with a healthy protein/carb ratio

Can I make substitutions

How are the meals packaged?

Meals are prepared in a COVID compliant kitchen and packages/sealed in either a standard meal prep container and/or a sealed food prep container that can go directly from the refrigerator/freezer to the microwave or oven.  

Unfortunately not at this time.  We encourage you to read all the items included in that meal and order according to your taste OR try something different